Welcome to Beauty and Duty

We help to raise funds for the USO Northwest and other Military and Public Service Organizations

About Us

We work to raise funds for the USO NW and other worthwhile charitable organizations serving the military and public service personnel.

We put on displays and presentaions and loan our large collection of vintage uniforms to museums.  We also help museums properly identify pieces in their collections.  We put a great deal of effort into repairing. preserving and properly maintaining all pieces.  Alice is a very tallented and interesting speaker and her shows have been very well received throughout the Northwest.

We enjoy sharing the histories of women who have served in the military and public service organizations.

The history of women in the military and service organizations such as the Red Cross and the USO is poorly documented and poorly understood.  Alice puts on very informative and entertaining programs and also sets up very well received museum displays.

Please contact us if you have ideas about ways we can further our mission.

We are always interested in putting on shows to help raise money for the USO and also assisting local museums.  We accept donations of vintage uniforms along with the personal histories that go along with them.

Contact Us

Use our email address - runway33@earthlink.net

Or you can give us a call.